Our "Helping Children After Divorce" parenting class satisfies all of the Texas Family Code requirements for parent education and family stabilization classes and is Texas Court Approved. You may take our class online, by mobile device or text, in English or Spanish. Take the class at times convenient to you!



Certificate Provided by Email Upon Completion

The "Helping Children after Divorce" parenting class is a multimedia Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course designed to provide parents with effective strategies for co-parenting after divorce or separation. The class focuses on parent-related challenges such as co-parenting and stress management, as well as parenting strategies to help reduce the effects of divorce and/or separation on the well-being of your child.

“Helping Children After Divorce” was developed by Dr. Stephen Mayville. Dr. Mayville is a licensed clinical psychologist with training and experience in providing behaviorally-based treatment for adults, children, and families. We know that you will find this parent education and stabilization course beneficial to you and your child.


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